Mutant Ape Kids Club M1

The official launching of the distinctive 3,000 MAKC-M1, launched directly on OpenSea for 0.09 Ethereum, regardless of rarity.

After launch, what seemed to be impossible, happened. We went from a new Discord, Twitter, Instagram to selling out all 3,000 on OpenSea within 72-hours.

This created something very special you will not find in many other projects, an unbelievably strong community to the core. Reiterating and laying the foundations that our possibilities together are endless, and as are grateful for all involved in Mutant Ape Kids Club, and the future ahead.

Mutant Ape Kids Club
Mutant Buddies
(Buy on OpenSea or LooksRare)

This will be free NFT as a token of appreciation from the Mutant Ape Kids Club team, consisting of both a Mutated Surfboard and Buddy, with over 120 traits on this 3,333 collection, just needing gas fees to be paid.

For every M1 held, holders will be entitled to mint a Mutant Buddy, meaning those holding large quantities of M1, will benefit from being able to mint more of our unique mutant buddies as a reward for being part of our community.

Official Mutant Ape
Kids Club M2 Official
(Buy on OpenSea or LooksRare)

The official launching of the 5,010 MAKC-M2 collection, consisting of 5,000 MAKC-M2’s & 10 x 1/1 LEGEND’s, this collection will feature the highest aesthetic value with over 300 traits.

Official Staking

Launching of the official Mutant Ape Kids Club NFT staking utility, referring to the locking up of your NFTs on a platform or protocol to receive staking rewards and other privileges. This allows NFT holders to earn a passive income while still maintaining ownership of their NFT(s), by locking up NFTs on our official Mutant Ape Kids platform, you can receive rewards depending on the annual percentage yield (APY), the staking duration, and the number of NFTs staked.

Official Tokenomics

The official creation of TRX Labs (Holding Company) Tokenomics which will be incorporated within the Mutant Ape Kids Club project. The adaption of this token allows higher utility and value to all NFT series under the main company.

Gamified Eco-System

With the official launch of Zombie Max (ZMAX), a sister project under TRX Labs, MAKC holders will be able to participate in their M2E game.

Store & Virtual/
Physical Presence

The true evolution in the Mutant Ape Kids Club future, who will provide on-going benefits to holders, from exclusive merchandise access to monthly royalty payment earnings. The MAKC-2 collection will lay the foundation as we expand into the MetaVerse and adopt our future into implementing the Mutant Ape Kids into it's very own collaboration into gaming.

Designed By You Launch

The innovative and pioneering Mutant Ape Kid By You, the first of our incredible, distinctive and unique NFT customisation platform, allowing all Mutant Ape Kid holders to be able to be part of the most futuristic and advance system in creating a truly unique and self-made Mutant Ape Kid as part of their NFT collection, this meaning that the rarity and design will be on you, the artist, creating and allowing trait selection from backgrounds, clothing, features and many more trait developments to be applied to your NFT.

Justin May

AKA "Juss94"
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